Swabi Mobile, Inc.

Swabi Mobile is an Oregon corporation that is dedicated to creating software products for users of mobile smartphones.  Swabi Mobile, Inc. was established in September 2010.

You are invited to browse our web pages for the mobile platform you have on your phone.  You can view information on currently available apps as well as apps planned for the near future.

Please contact us if you have questions or require information from Swabi Mobile.  Thank you for visiting us online.

Quick Stats - Mobile Edition for Basketball

Quick Stats for Basketball let's you easily record all the statistics at games and tournaments.  The app replaces the need to record statistics on paper and then transfer the data to a computer manually.  This app is now available on the Android Market.

Quick Stats synchronizes basketball game data from your phone to Swabi's database servers, making the information available from smartphones of other family, friends, and fans at the basketball events.  A separate app called Game Stats for Basketball presents the collected statistics within charts, graphs, and table list summaries.  Game Stats - Mobile Edition for Basketball is available on Android Market and the iPhone App Store.

Mobile Platforms We Support

Swabi supports additional operating systems other than the five major platforms:  Symbian, Windows Phone 7, Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone.

We also support a number of recent tablet computers as well as upcoming tablets.  Besides development for the iPad, Swabi will offer development for the new tablet computers running Android OS and BlackBerry Tablet OS.

Based on customer demand, Swabi Mobile has decided to support only BlackBerry handsets with touch screen by Research in Motion.